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  • Something I've learned during my time spent traveling and working around the world is this: everybody has a story.


    Whether that story is based on the person, the people they surround themselves with or what they choose to do with their time, every individual and group shares that common theme. This goes double for companies, brands and products.


    I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a storyteller, and for the last few years, I've dedicated myself to that. Learning and honing the craft through practice and years of working alongside fantastic people in a wide range of industries who pushed me to improve has given me a diverse skill set and a solid work ethic. My continuing interest in self-improvement means that I'm always expanding that skill set, and striving to achieve further success.


    During my 10 years of experience in many facets of the hospitality industry, and my more recent work online, I have dealt with literally thousands of customers. I have learned over the years the skills required for great customer service and satisfaction, as well as gaining a firm grasp of the business side of things. The key is communication, and that's the skill that I'm offering.

  • neil rochford the blue ridge project

    Irish Academy of Public Relations

    Online media consultant

    Online Media Consultant in charge of:

    • Web design/development for new branches
    • Research and content creation (copy, blogs, social media)
    • Improving online presence, developing social media strategy & analytics
    • Marketing (digital & traditional), promotion and lead generation

    freelance writer

    Freelance writer contributing articles for sale to blogs and business websites.

    • performing research and creating articles as per client request
    • adhering to best blogging practices


    Dec 2015 – MAY 2016

    Petition writer at ForceChange.com, which includes activities such as:

    • creating awareness of issues
    • drafting petition letters
    • working with editors
    • social media engagement
    • researching subjects, causes and claims

    contributing author

    Regular contributor to an extraordinary website and podcast. One of the top podcasts in Ireland, Those Conspiracy Guys research and discuss famous conspiracies of past and present.


    As a writer for them, I regularly research, proofread and edit articles with sourced images that have garnered thousands of views.

    neil rochford the blue ridge project


    A dark suspense/sci-fi novel, available now from most major online retailers. See it here


    Release Date: MAY 6 2016


    • Shortlisted for "Best Novel" in the 2016 Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors
    • Nominated for the 2017 RONE Mystery Award
  • About Me

    As a writer and journalist, I'm interested in a range of subjects. I spend a lot of my time learning new skills and improving my understanding of a variety of topics. This has led me to become educated and certified in a number of specialist subjects such as marketing, web development/publishing, nutrition, and radio journalism.


    I've worked with talented editors and writers from around the world, and from them - and many others - I've learned how to write effectively, in a variety of styles, for a range of audiences.


    I speak four languages - English, French, Portuguese and Spanish - and I have lived in numerous locations around the world. As a confident, outgoing person who loves meeting new people, I love to try new things, or old things in a new way, in order to expand my horizons. I'm always open to new cultures and experiences.


    I have also written a book of fiction, The Blue Ridge Project, and I'm currently writing the second in the series. Studying the process of writing, editing, promoting, launching and selling books has given me valuable insight into the world of small press and indie publishing.

  • Other Work

    The Better Foundation


    Nutrition and diet is a major interest of mine, and as such I love to write about them and the science behind it all. I was a writer for this website (which has now unfortunately ceased to deal with diet and nutrition issues). Sample

    3 Long-Term Jobs on Overseas Holidays

    A short piece on working to pay for a long-term holiday when you're already overseas.

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    Shaw Academy

    Nutritional Advisor


    The Health Sciences Academy

    Social media marketing


    Shaw Academy

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